An Update

For those of you who know, this blog was intended to be a continuation of my other blog (Today’s Perfect Moment) because I had run out of space there and really didn’t have the funds to pay for my blog. When WP would no longer let me write there, I was going to write here.

So what happened?

Not much really. I continue to write posts for Today’s Perfect Moment, but can’t post any pictures there. I mostly put them on Instagram and hope people will see them there. It isn’t an ideal solution. I tend to think a blog without pictures is pretty bland.

I admit that I haven’t written much, but I have managed to write a few posts–even a few that I am quite happy with. However, every time I post, WP informs me that future posts will be blocked. Then I post another. I get the same message, but I post another. I guess, I keep waiting for the axe to fall, but it doesn’t. It’s just so hard to leave something you’ve created.

So, I expect that in the new year, this will be my blogging home….but who knows. Thanks to all those who have subscribed/followed here. Your patience may be rewarded some day.


If you are here, that is fantastic. You found me. If you’re here because you found the link in my old blog, that is amazing. If you are here because you found it accidentally, that is great too. Welcome aboard. Wipe your shoes on the mat.

To cut to the chase, my old blog was full. I exceeded the memory capacity and I could no longer post photos and possibly even blogs. This was quite stressful as I had amassed more than 1000 followers and had written over 1300 posts. My options included paying for more space, but since the pandemic has cut my work hours, there really wasn’t any money in the budget for that expense. Needless to say, I have not abandoned them or deleted them. They are all still up. You can read them at or just follow the link I will create here. If you have never been there, please take a look.

Please think of this blog as a continuation of that one.

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